Based in Poland, Drabpol was founded in 1983 and currently employs over 85 people and operates three branches throughout the country. They operate simultaneously in three transport industries – marine, aviation and land – and specialise in providing customers within those industries with bespoke solutions for efficiency and security.

Drabpol has been distributing for MiX Telematics since 2001 and has a dedicated team of seven people working to sell only MiX Telematics solutions into their verticals. Since the partnership began 15 years ago, Drabpol has become highly successful in selling the MiX Telematics FM solution (now called MiX Fleet Manager Premium) in the construction sector. To date, in fact, they have installed over 3,500 on-board computers in construction vehicles.

Saving fuel for PGE KWB

Their first customer in the industry was PGE KWB, a large company in Poland that was experiencing issues with their fleet performance – specifically around idling and fuel consumption. Back in 2002, PGE approached Drabpol who installed 40 FM units into their construction vehicles. After only six months, PGE managed to reduce idling time by three hours per vehicle per day, resulting in an impressive saving of 40 litres of fuel per day per vehicle.

Following on from this success, Drapbol worked with their new customer to create a special report that showed how much fuel was being used per vehicle per hour. This has since become an invaluable tool for PGE in helping them to maintain operational efficiency. Over the next six years, Drabpol signed a number of other contracts with PGE, who now have 350 MiX Telematics units installed throughout their fleet.

This initial success in the construction industry was an important learning curve for Drabpol, giving them a better overview of how to approach the market and future customers.

More success, with Skanska

In 2003, Drabpol began working with another new customer. Skanska operates in all segments of construction including general, road, bridge, hydro-engineering and railway construction. Like PGE KWB, their reasons for wanting a telematics solution were to reduce idling time and fuel consumption. Skanska also reported problems with fuel theft, and sought a solution that could help them to closely monitor how much fuel was being used.

Drabpol installed a total of 80 MiX Telematics units and, within a few months, Skanska had reduced idling time by 30%. Unfortunately, due to some technical constraints with the vehicles' EDMs, it was not possible at the time to help Skanska with their issues relating to fuel theft.

But in 2011, Skanska upgraded its fleet and replaced old machines with new ones, complete with CAN-bus. This meant that Drabpol could connect directly to the CAN-bus and find a way to closely monitor the vehicle's fuel usage. They ran a number of Proof of Concept trials, testing the connection between the mechanical security of the fuel filler and the MiX Telematics unit. Things started to work well and Skanska placed an order for an additional 60 units. Over the next few months, the organisation reduced idling time by 32% and fuel consumption by 24%.

Drabpol now sells MiX Telematics solutions to the construction sector, with a guaranteed fuel saving of at least 5% using the MiX Fleet Manager Premium solution. When adding the RIBAS in-cab display, which helps drivers correct their driving behaviour, they guarantee a saving of 15%.

Results achieved


  • Idling time down by 3 hours per vehicle per day
  • Fuel consumption down by 40 litres per vehicle per day


  • Idling time down by 32% overall
  • Fuel consumption down by 24% overall