Hours of Service and Digital Tachograph Download Device

Driver safety and productivity are of paramount importance to the road transport industry. The Hours of Service (HOS) solution by MiX Telematics is a comprehensive electronic toolkit that enables the efficient monitoring of drivers’ on-duty time against European driving hours regulations and management of digital tachograph data files.

The solution works in conjunction with industry standard digital tachographs (DTCO), and MiX Telematics’s on-board computer and online tracking and monitoring software.

With one system, fleet managers can automatically download DTCO data remotely to ensure legal compliance while benefitting from world-class driver and vehicle management functionality.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

The MiX Telematics HOS solution extracts information from a combination of vehicle telematics data and electronic driver input through digital tachographs. It allows for a real-time, driver-centric view of accurate information. This information is made available to operations managers, enabling them to make more informed and effective operational decisions. Operations managers also use the information to meet their legal obligations for making driving hours violations visible to their drivers.