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Case Study


Within six months of using MiX Telematics’ solutions, Wincanton saw a dramatic decrease in poor driver behaviour and fuel expenditure.

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Date: January 2019
Location: United Kingdom
Fleet Size: 1700
Industries: Transport & Distribution
Benefits: Efficiency, Safety

“Safety is Wincanton’s number 1 priority. MiX understands our objective to improve our drivers’ behaviour by providing them with the motivation to change. MiX has a number of tools to help with behavioural change and we’ve already seen significant efficiency savings”


Taking Wincanton’s safety and efficiency needs into consideration, MiX Telematics implemented MiX Fleet Manager alongside MiX Vision, MiX DriveMate, MyMiX and MiX 3D. Each solution has a unique set of features that address different aspects of driver behaviour improvement.

Wincanton can now use the vehicle and driver data that MiX Fleet Manager and MiX 3D collects and transmits (such as fuel expenditure, driver behaviour, vehicle activity, location and more) to locate issues within their fleet.

With the help of MiX Vision, Wincanton has access to visual evidence captured with a combination of in-cab and road-facing cameras. MiX DriveMate (an in-vehicle driver display) and the MyMiX app assists with curbing bad driving behaviour on the road. These solutions do this by providing warnings to drivers on the road when an event is triggered, assigns scores based on these events and gives drivers access to their scores so they can manage their performance and receive appropriate training.

This winning combination has given Wincanton tangible results in the areas they were aiming to improve. There is greater driver engagement and behaviour can be monitored more closely, which has led to a sharp decrease in harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering. In turn, this has decreased Wincanton’s fleet safety risk and resulted in a reduction in fuel expenditure.

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Case Study
MiX Telematics installed their main solution MiX Fleet Manager and added on MiX DriveMate, RIBAS and a tracking solution.

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