Alcohol-Activated Vehicle Immobiliser

A solution to protect businesses against the risk of its vehicles becoming involved in an accident where a driver is found to be responsible and under the influence of alcohol.

Don’t take the risk

Don’t take the risk

Drink driving is the second leading cause of driving fatalities after speed. Employers can be held liable if one of their drivers are tested positive for alcohol – even more so in the case of accident.

Protect and prevent

There is nothing worse for the image of a transport company than a road accident involving one of its vehicles. Worse still is if the driver is found to be responsible, especially if he is under the influence of alcohol.

  • Ensure the safety of your reputation, of people and of your vehicles
  • Reduce the risk of drink driving by making it be known that preventative measures are in place

How does it work?

  1. An alcohol interlock is a device that keeps a vehicle from starting if the driver has alcohol on their breath.
  2. A vehicle operator must provide a successful breath test before the engine can be started.
  3. All testing information can be entered into optional ITE software through a download station, where it can be stored, tracked and used to generate reports.


  • Receive real-time alerts via email or SMS in the case of breath test fail, bypass or tampering.
  • Intervene quickly with a replacement vehicle/driver if a vehicle has been immobilised.
  • Trend analysis, such as drivers close to maximum legal limit, recurring infringement dates, times, routes, regions.
  • Proof in case of test fail that the vehicle did not leave (time, location, date, driver ID).
  • Detailed event reports.
  • Trip replay.